General questions

We reimburse the price of the tokens that we believe to be promising and interesting to LH-Crypto broker. The special committee regularly takes into consideration new tokens and updates the list of supported tokens.

Yes, we work on ICO, IEO, and Defi projects.

Choose "Any token". The support will contact you to deliver its decision on this token. After several requests for the same type of tokens, the expert committee is likely to include your token in the list.

Emitent is an ICO project that emitted a token. Tokenholder is an investor who purchased the tokens.

Requirements to tokenholders

Tokenholders need to go through a standard KYC procedure and share some of their personal data. Also, a tokenholder needs to prove the fact of owning the declared amount of tokens. To receive the reimbursement, one needs to buy tokens during PRE ICO or ICO and own tokens worth at least 250 Euro.

There are several ways how to prove owning a token and show the investment amount:

  1. Proof and guarantees from the Emitent if the Emitent went through the required KYC procedure during the ICO and made a special agreement with GIIS LH-Crypto;
  2. Screenshots from the tokenholder's Personal Area on the page of the ICO project that allow the GIIS LH-Crypto team to identify the tokenholder;
  3. Bank receipts and other financial documents that can identify the tokenholder as an ICO participant.

You need to confirm your identity and the fact of owning tokens. It is a standard process that implies uploading the required documents into your Personal Area. The main documents required are the ID and the address proof.

If the site is not available anymore or if you cannot access your Personal Area, we have come up with a solution! Just request the GIIS Application for Token Ownership Proof. There you will need to specify the ICO name, the token ticker, the number of tokens purchased, and, most importantly, the address of the wallet you used to purchase those tokens. You can also give the address of the wallet where the tokens are currently stored, but this is not obligatory.

After you have filled all the obligatory forms, send us the form, and we will check it.

For the ICO project teams

If you want to introduce GIIS service to your tokenholders, you need to send a request in the Emitent section of our site. Our expert team will evaluate the project; if their answer is yes, you will receive a VIP Partner status at LH-Crypto, so you will be able to receive profit from the trading activity of your clients and/or your coin. A coin should correspond to the following criteria in order to be accepted:

  • The ICO capitalisation at the moment of ICO finish should exceed 1 mln Euro.
  • Emitent and/or tokenholder are not US citizens.
  • At the moment of submitting a request for taking part in GIIS LH-Crypto programme, the token should be listed at any exchange and have some trading volume.
  • The coin needs to be reviewed by the GIIS expert team and appeal to LH-Crypto broker.

Lh-Crypto GIIS program

Due to certain regulatory circumstances, we do not work with the citizens of the USA and some other countries from the FATF list. Apart from that, after KYC procedure, we can refuse to provide our services to a certain user without assigning any reasons.

GIIS Department is created as a part of LH-Crypto, a popular crypto broker. Tokenholders are our target audience.

Reimbursing losses for participants of different ICO, IEO, and DeFi projects is a wonderful opportunity for us to attract attention of the target audience to our platform. Apart from that, we also collect coins that we believe to be promising, we expect them to bring extra income to our own platform.

You can find out more at our official site lh-crypto.com.

Reimbursement procedure

For most of the coins, we pay out 100% of the losses on token market value according to GIIS Base programme. The exact reimbursement amount for every token is published on the site twice. At first, we publish our preliminary estimation at Phase 1, and then we give the exact amount during the Phase 2. The full amount of the reimbursement proportional to the amount of your tokens is transferred to your Personal Area within 30 days after Phase 2.

For instance, let's take Tokia tokens. Their preliminary compensation amount was 0,008 Euro per token, but later our team decided to raise it to 0,01 Euro per token. So, if you have 30'000 Tokia tokens and you can prove it, we will send you 300 Euro as a reimbursement.

Usually, the reimbursement is accrued within 50-60 days after the request. It takes up to 30 days for verification. Then, we need 20-30 more days to calculate the compensation amount and accrue it to the user.

The amount is calculated on our platform according to the current rate of Euro.

The reimbursement is accrued to your Personal Area as a standard credit bonus from LH-Crypto broker. By using this bonus, you can:
  • convert the bonus into real fiat funds;
  • withdraw funds or replenish your account via different payment systems (cryptocurrencies, bank cards, bank wires, etc.);
  • trade with different financial markets (cryptocurrencies, FOREX stocks, precious metals, etc.);

In this case, you can try a free demo account or use our Non Deposit service. Also, clients with more than 1000 Euro in their accounts are provided with their own Personal Assistant or with an opportunity to try a trading robot for one month.

You can find out more at our official site lh-crypto.com.

See the basic trading terms, clues for the start and a few valuable ideas in the document.

It is not obligatory. If we sign an insurance contract with an ICO project team, it facilitates the process of transferring coins dramatically. However, if we are particularly interested in a coin and receive many requests from tokenholders, but fail to contact the administration, we can start a GIIS programme ourselves.