Announcement for Sharpay tokenholders

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We have chosen your token after a thorough analysis and consideration and came to a conclusion that the project has a potential and we can help develop it.

We received an application for Sharpay token to be considered for our insurance program from one of the tokenholders.

As usual, we have attempted to contact the owners of the ICO project in order to ease the process of informing the token holders. However, we have not received any replies from the owner of the Sharpay project as of yet.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the GIIS statute, we can accomplish some insurance payments to the tokenholders without the approval of the ICO owners.

We inform Sharpey tokenholders that GIIS is an independent loss compensation program for some ICO tokenholders. We are not affiliated with ICO projects. We promote our project independently.

The economic point of our program is to attract the attention of tokenholders to the LH-Crypto trading platform and to introduce promising coins on our own platform.

We would also like to note that we, regardless of the circumstances, would never ask for send us any of you passwords, access data or transfer the tokens to us. Therefore, participating in the GIIS initiative is absolutely safe for all users and does not have a risk of sensitive data leaking or a loss of the tokens.