GIIS Project News Webinar and Q&A Session

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We are glad to announce, that a live webinar for discussion of our project news, products and services is scheduled on October 29, at 10am (UTC). It can be accessed via this link.

Although launched quite a while ago, it is last year when GIIS project has been developing with exceptional dynamics. More and more tokens join the project each month, the number of lucky holders, who have their blown investments returned, is booming.

Our Support Team receives huge number of enquiries from our current users and potential clients, asking to explain this or that aspect of our work, as well as our bonus, trading opportunities, etc. offered by GIIS and our partners. This is why we decided to organize a webinar, as past experience proved online sessions, answering most widespread questions in a bulk, effective.

Hope to welcome you online this Friday, October 29, 10am (UTC)!