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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

GIIS Programme has been around for over a year by now, and we have done quite a lot during this time! Today we are ready to share our plans and tell you about our achievements over the past 4 months.

There were more than ten new projects involved in the programme, and for all of them, tokenholders who filed their applications received compensations. TaTaTu, Larecoin, Sharpay, Spacoin, SKYFChain, Datecoin, CryptoBank, Envion, QLC Chain, Covalent, ELCoin - all of these tokens are very diverse and have completely different goals. But they are united by the fact that after a thorough analysis GIIS saw their great potential and included them into its ecosystem.

Right now, for instance, there are several more tokens awaiting the decision, like DAD .

For some projects, we had to reject the token from joining the GIIS Programme. We saw such tokens as Superbloom, Petro, and Ebitz as not promising.

Apart from working on analysing potential projects to include into GIIS, adjusting instructions for tokenholders on how they could receive their compensations, we also prepared a number of bonus programmes for our clients. All of them were carefully reviewed in an online workshop with our specialists. As a part of the webinar, we even contested precious prizes among the participants.

In October, the GIIS team took part in an important international event - iFX Expo Cyprus. There were the most recent developments and also a presentation of the project to the general audience.

As the project grows, so grows the number of applications to register in the GIIS Programme. We are considering all of them carefully and analyzing the potential of each of the projects. Follow the news on our site and in GIIS social networks to get the news straight from the horse's mouth.

If you own tokens that, as you think, might take part in the reimbursement programme, send us a message through the contact form or send us a question on our social network, and we will definitely answer you!