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A considerable amount of time has passed since QLC coin was accepted to the Global ICO Insurance Programme by LH-Crypto. Despite the inflow of requests for compensation is not that massive as in the first weeks, we still keep receiving new enquiries from investors about how to receive the compensation.

So, even if the actual Phase 1 of any of the accepted tokens was relatively long ago, do not worry and do not lose heart – your token might still be in the active compensation list. Especially when it goes down to QLC toke, which we consider to be a brilliant idea right from the start: just to remind, that it is an innovative project that aims to become the leading public network for a Network as a Service (NaaS). The platform’s decentralized network provides telecommunications services through an infrastructure consisting of telecommunications assets, smart contracts, mobile operators, content providers and users. Here is the nice article, brief but informative, describing QLC chain in more details.