Brief News - July Digest

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The summer is slowly ending, the second month passed, but GIIS Team was more active than ever. Now we will share the brief news of the whole month.

For Tokia tokenholders, we have successfully finished the reimbursement phase. Now we are glad to have this token as one of the projects of our GIIS programme.

For Telcoin, we have quickly swept through phase 1 of the reimbursement and successfully finished the payment.

Unfortunately, not all the tokens were so lucky. Some tokens were rejected from the programme, like FixyApp.

We have also encountered a new token to look into – Larecoin, a very promising coin to work with.

On top of that, GIIS experts held an AMA Session that you can read fully here. We tried to answer all of the questions thoroughly to be able to help projects and tokenholders who might want to take part in our programme.